Sunday, November 13, 2011

Testing an HTML page on your local computer

I wanted to test some HTML code I had just written with Microsoft Visual Web Developper 2010 Express, so I saved the page on my local hard drive and opened it with Internet Explorer 9. But I had a surprise: Internet explorer indicated a warning "Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls." (or on my french speaking version "Internet Explorer a restreint l'execution des scripts ou des controles ActiveX sur cette page Web").

This is somewhat annoying to have to disable this restriction each time the page is loaded.

There is a very simple solution to allow Internet Explorer 9 to accept scripts on a local page: in the "Advanced" tab, check the checkbox "Allow Active Content to be run in files on My Computer" (on in my French Internet Explorer "Autoriser l'exécution du contenu actif dans les fichiers de mon ordinateur")

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